Our Mission

Avenues to Recovery, Inc. combines traditional and innovative therapies to engage one’s personal experience. True recovery begins when the whole person is addressed, not only the symptomatic behavior that brings unpleasant relationships and circumstances. Our approach is riddled with compassion and love in a safe and welcoming environment. We want to celebrate the individual and recognize that the approach to recovery is not a “one size fits all”.

Like all successful professionals in the field of alcohol and drug addiction recovery, our treatment philosophy is based on the recognition that addiction is a disease and that abstinence is the best way to manage the condition. Our treatment will encompass the mind, body and spirit to construct a healthy lifestyle. Our team of professionals who rally around our clients are well versed in addictions clinically and anecdotally.

Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency are diseases. The excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs reduces the overall quality of human existence and endangers physical health and life expectancy. Therefore it is essential to intervene actively and aggressively against the physical, psychological, social, vocational and spiritual crises exhibited by a chemically dependent client. Unity, trust, hope, understanding and caring are characteristics which must be present to ensure a high level of quality care for the client and progress towards the desired goals and a meaningful recovery. We offer full service drug and alcohol assessment, education and counseling.