Outpatient Treatment

Treatment Services

Avenues to Recovery prides itself on providing caring, individualized care for each client.  We work to meet a client where they are in the process of change to explore the relationship between themselves, their world, and their addiction-related issues.

Assessment and Referral:  Avenues provide assessment and referral to multiple court systems including cities throughout Johnson County, as well as Jackson, Wyandotte, Miami and Douglas Counties .  In addition, we work closely with SRS, DCCCA, and other family services to support successful reintegration in child-in-need-of-care (CINC) and custody cases.  We are also available for out-of-state evaluations and provide referral services for all levels of care to ensure appropriate treatment for all people seeking help.

Court-Monitoring:  Avenues offers this service on a monthly basis as needed or as ordered.

Treatment is available in both group and individual settings.

Groups:  We offer groups during the day, in the evening, and will meet on weekends.  While co-ed groups are available, Avenues also fosters a safe and comfortable environment for men and women to explore sobriety in a gender-specific setting.  We recognize the special issues and concerns that men and women alike bring to the table and we are experienced in addressing the unique challenges that men and women face in treatment.

Individuals:  We offer individualized counseling in conjunction with groups or as a stand-alone service.  These sessions are typically 50 minutes and focus on client-centered treatment which empowers the individual to be actively involved in the process of recovery.

Family and Couples:  Addiction is often called a “family disease.” In keeping with this philosophy, we offer family services.  This comprehensive approach to healing the family unit ensures healthy functioning for the primary client and their loved ones.

We work diligently to make treatment available through satellite locations and if needed, flexible out-of-office appointments.