Recovery Monitoring

Our Recovery Monitoring service is designed as an insurance policy for successful transition and accountability during the early stages of the recovery process.  Research has discovered great increases in successful outcomes when an individual is structured with monitoring attention that recognizes the warning signs that are associated with relapse into destructive behavior.

Upon return to their established lifestyles, nearly half of those who participate in residential care for their addictions find themselves in danger within that first year.  This is primarily due to poor planning and meeting the necessary aftercare needs.  Loss of motivation, life’s daily distractions, personal and professional responsibilities become more important and sobriety loses its priority.

Allow our credible and certified professionals to focus on recovery to enhance the lives of the individual, as well as those who lives they touch.  We relieve the family, the friends, and/or the employers the need/responsibility to attempt to police the addiction.

The families will not be preoccupied with their loved one and will have the opportunity to establish their own program of recovery.  The employers will not be responsible to supervise or hold anyone accountable while we provide the necessary verification needed to ensure compliance and employment.  Productivity and trust in the workplace will increase, profits will rise as the cost to the employer will decrease.

A complete plan of action will be determined in the initial phase of development.  As the individual grows and changes, the plan will also be flexible.  This program is suggested as a one year commitment.  Expectations may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consistent appointments established with a Recovery Coach
  • Specific resource planning for success
  • Introduction to recovery community
  • Random alcohol/drug screening
  • Additional specific professional counsel referral as needed
  • Family meetings as requested/needed
  • Recognize relapse signs
  • Design and execute prevention plan of action