We have discovered that we don’t have to sit by and wait for the alcoholic to hit bottom before he/she can be helped. As loved ones, you can elevate the bottom in an effort to offer the gift of recovery. By way of specialized training and years of experience, only board certified interventionist whom are also members of the global organization of the Association of Intervention Specialist, will ever perform our interventions.

As Intervention Specialists, we work to bring the family, friends, and co-workers together who can best provide the love and support needed to plan and facilitate a successful intervention. Our goal goes beyond getting the IP (identified patient) to an impatient facility. A great deal of care and specific set of instructions are provided to everyone involved before, during and after an intervention has been conducted.

An intervention creates that delicate moment where the IP may feel safe, surrounded by those who share love, respect and concern. The participants of the intervention will be given instructions by our specialist who will encourage carefully chosen words, to express how the behavior of the IP has affected the lives of those around them. This process is based on love and honesty, allowing the IP to maintain his/her dignity and integrity. Our ultimate goal is to return to healthy and productive living for the IP as well as family, friends and co-workers.

We will determine treatment options based individual needs as well as family finances and insurance and resources. The IP will travel to the chosen treatment center with a qualified individual who is familiar with all aspects of personal recovery.

Our services don’t conclude at the end of the intervention or upon delivery to treatment. Our specialists are available to follow up with those affected and the IP throughout the following year or longer if requested.

Please contact Avenues with questions or to schedule a face-to-face meeting. We are willing to travel both nationally and abroad to serve the needs of the alcoholic or addict who is still suffering.