David Brown’s Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae – July 2014


David is a professional interventionist, mentor, coach, public speaker and educator. He was educated in England and has traveled the world extensively during a successful career in international sales. But given half an opportunity to talk anywhere, anytime about addictions and you will find him in the middle of that conversation. He is a Licensed Addictions Counselor and a Certified Interventional Professional. In addition he currently is working on the CSAT with Dr. Patrick Carnes Ph.D. This should be complete in 2015. He is passionate about working with men and helping them on their jorney.

He was educated in England and has traveled the world extensively. He has lived in Germany, Kenya, and India and made his home in the USA some years ago. He speaks German fluently. He and his wife head Avenues to Recovery, Inc. a national practice that provides substance abuse treatment, intervention and recovery mentoring services. His personal recovery dates from August 1, 1982.

LAC: licensed addictions counselor in the State of Kansas.

AIS – Association of Intervention Specialists: CIP. I am a full member of AIS and am trained as a Certified Intervention Professional. This means that I identify the appropriate people in the addict’s life who will be most influential as part of the team that will enable this individual to accept treatment. I also educate and train the group and then facilitate the intervention. I am also a past member of the board of AIS. I participate actively in all their meetings as it is a great way to be introduced to treatment centers. For example in May we had Hanley Center on the agenda and met with Jack Reuther of Caron and the great clinical people from Caron.

He has done over 200 interventions. He stresses that the most successful interventions he has done were ones in which concern was conveyed without shame, without ultimatums, without being hurtful. We can hold loved ones accountable without being hurtful. The family is trained to express what they see and how they feel about it and are taught that they may only be planting seeds that grow later. We tend to judge our efforts by the outcomes but we have no control over the outcomes. We just give it our best most informed shot! What is really important are the family efforts and their expressions of love.

In November 2014 he participated in a Promises event in London In collaboration with Rob Weiss the internationally acclaimed expert on sex addiction. He spoke on Addiction Interaction Disorder.

He contributes a blog to Addiction Professional Magazine: The blog features information on intervention, continuing care, trends and treatment centers.

Intervene Magazine in the UK: He writes a features column for every issue of this cutting edge publication which is also the public face of UKESAD. See below; his article on AID is part of this issue:


Recovery Plus, Wembley, UK: He will be a featured lecturer at this inaugural event where he will present on the warning signs of relapse.


Elements Behavioral Health: Since February 1st, 2015 David has been the Clinical Outreach Consultant for the UK . This means he is responsible for marketing, consulting and clinical outreach on behalf of the Company and the Company’s subsidiaries and related business entities in and around the United Kingdom, including, but not limited to, establishing strategic relationships, producing events, attending addiction and other behavioral health related conferences and events, and other marketing and outreach services.

The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery – May 2009: Attended the Family Meeting Approach to Intervention Training and came away with the certificate.

Betty Ford Center, January 2010: I participated in The Professionals in Residence program hosted by the Betty Ford Institute where I saw how multidisciplinary teams evaluate progress of patients on their treatment plans. I also experienced how supplemental resources, including pain management, trauma groups, young adult track, cognitive-behavior groups, anger management and licensed professionals groups strengthen what we provide for individualized addiction treatment. I was exposed to summaries of the latest research about addiction as a chronic relapsing brain disease and the spiritual solution offered by the 12 Step programs. I was placed in the Inpatient Program for five days. I also spent time observing the Family Program where family members from the youngest to the oldest get drawn into the addiction disease so that ‘the family is the patient'; and how treatment of the family improves the prognosis of each individual member of it.

Hazelden June, 2010: Invited to the Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Center City, MN as a professional working in recovery. I learned more about new practices, examined beliefs, and deepened my understanding of life long recovery. In 2012, I was invited back by them to participate in the opening of the new Shoemaker Unit at Center City which was a great event.

Promises, Austin, 2014: Participated in their Professionals in Residence Program and was really impressed by the Experiential Work they are doing there.

Promises, Malibu – November 2014: Participated in their Professionals in Residence Program and was really impressed by the Experiential Work they are doing there.

The Ranch, Nashville – September 2014: Participated in their Professionals in Residence Program and was really impressed by the Experiential Work they are doing there.

Arkansas JLAP and Hazelden 2010 JLAP (Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program) Volunteer Training Agenda October 2010: We did intervention training and put on a mock intervention as a demonstration for the membership.

Border City AA Round Up November 2010, Fort Smith, Arkansas – featured speaker. Copy of tape on request.

First Call Alcohol/Drug Prevention and Recovery – March 2011 Kansas City MO – trained as a Facilitator of the How to Cope with Substance Abuse Disorders. How to Cope is designed for adult family and friends impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder. Cope offers emotional, social and physical alternatives to fear and anxiety associated with addiction. The program’s mission is to educate, provide support, foster awareness and offer help.

Hazelden: Refers people to our organization for interventions. Our name is on their list in the following states: Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

The Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles, California: Approved Interventionist

CeDar, Denver, CO: Approved Interventionist

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women: Approved Interventionist

Keystone Treatment Center, Canton SD: Approved Interventionist

Cumberland Heights Treatment Center, Nashville TN: Approved Interventionist

English Mountain Recovery, Sevierville TN: Approved Interventionist

Harp Treatment Center, Singer Island, Fla: Approved Interventionist

Promises, Austin: Approved Interventionist

Elements Behavioral Health: Preferred Interventionist


Trained by Wilson Learning: as a Leader Trainer for the “The Counselor Salesperson” course. This is a foundational consultative sales training course that builds the skills and professionalism to sell, create, and maintain lasting sales relationships in competitive markets. The sales skills course introduces sales effectiveness as a definable and manageable consultative process in which there is a win/win interaction between the buyer and the seller.

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